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PowWeb Hosting Review

PowWeb Hosting Review
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Our Ratings

Popularity6 / 10
Cost8 / 10
Features7 / 10
Reliability10 / 10
Performance9 / 10
Customer Support8 / 10


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Bottom Line

  • Load Balanced Hosting Technology.
  • Host Unlimited Domains.
  • One Hosting Plan!!!

PowWeb has been providing web hosting since 1999. There aim is to offer a feature rich low cost web hosting solution. This private company has developed their own custom web hosting software which is used on their fully owned and managed network and equipment. PowWeb's state of the art load balanced web hosting platform ensures that uptime of servers will not be a problem since your web site is shared across several web servers.

Current Special Offer: 300,000 MB WEB HOSTING! $5.77/mo!

Hosting Plans & Features

PowWeb Hosting has decided to offer one all inclusive hosting plan with 3 different purchase lengths, called the "One Plan". The One Plan is available in 3 Months, 1 Year and 2 Year terms. All terms come with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

The main details of PowWeb Hosting One Plan are:

PowWeb Hosting
OSLinux/Unix Platform
TypeShared, across multiple servers.
3 Months1 Year2 Years
Setup Fee$30NoneNone
Monthly Fee$7.77$5.77$5.77
Data Transfer3,000 GB
Disk Space300 GB (Raid)
Domain HostingUnlimited
Guarantee30 Day Money Back
Auto Install50+ applications
* Chart last checked Sept. 8, 2007. Always confirm pricing, etc. before you sign up.

Supported software and scripting languages include Frontpage Extensions, Flash, PHP 4 & PHP5, Perl5, CGI-BIN and Server Side Includes. .htaccess can be used and you can also schedule events with Cronjobs. Other hosting features include daily backups of your web site and databases and 2 different web statistics packages, called Webalizer and AWStats. You have access to the raw log files as well.

The One Plan is e-commerce ready with access to a built-in OSCommerce shopping cart and shared SSL. PayPal payments has been integrated into the web hosting software and can be easily added into your web site.

Along with web hosting you also get DNS management, FTP access and email services. You are allowed unlimited mailboxes that have WebMail access, email forwarding and spam filters.

Other Related Services Offered

Like most other web hosting providers, PowWeb offers Domain Registration and related services. Free and paid marketing services are offered as well through the PowWeb web site. These services range from Yahoo! marketing credits to TargetClicks PPC programs, web site design programs and logo design consultants. Most of these services are not provided by PowWeb directly but by their business partners. The TargetClicks Search Engine Marketing service is done through PowWeb's control panel and offers an easier and more automated way of advertising on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

PowWeb also offers E-mail Exchange Hosting. This allows you to access your e-mail, contacts and schedule from any location via Outlook. All this information is stored on the server which allows for a safe and secure enviroment.

Cost & Value

There is above average value with the One Plan from PowWeb. When you combine the features offered, the built in web site redundancies and PowWeb's low price on a 1 year term, this hosting plan beats out most other competitors prices. They may not have all the features offered that other providers have but PowWeb have the popular ones most sites need to operate.

Reliability & Performance

PowWeb prides it self on it's web servers uptime. Their hosting infastructure mimics large corporations like Microsoft and Google. The web sites PowWeb host are load balanced and run on multiple servers. If one or more web server goes down, the other servers will process the user requests. This process is seamless and is complete true, redundancy. The web site owner and the people visiting your site would never know it had happened.

With PowWeb's unique infrastructure they went with a custom built solution for the control panel called OPS. While it is fairly easy to navigate and use for the average web site owner, beginners may have some difficulties and may have questions for Customer Support. When you compare OPS with CPanel, I feel overall CPanel is better. Of course I've used CPanel with other hosting providers for several years now and I am much more familiar with it.

Customer Support

24/7 customer support is available to all customers from PowWeb. You can contact them via a toll free phone call, live chat and email. Community forums, FAQs and a knowledge base makes up the complete support resource center.


Is PowWeb a good hosting provider? They most definitely are. If you are looking for a Unix shared hosting environment for a low price and PowWeb has the features available you need, then they would be an excellent choice.

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