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Omnis Network Review

Omnis Network Review
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Our Ratings

Popularity6 / 10
Cost9 / 10
Features7 / 10
Reliability8 / 10
Performance8 / 10
Customer Support7 / 10


Explanation of our Rating Criteria.

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Bottom Line

  • Cheap but, Quality Web Hosting.
  • 2 Guarantees, 30 Day Money Back
    and 99.9% Uptime.
  • Serving over 200,000 clients since 1999.

This California web hosting provider and domain registra got its start in 1999 and since then they have had over 200,000 unique customers. Omnis is known for their value priced but reliable web hosting. They might not offer all the features that the larger hosts offer but, everything is there that 97 percent of the typical websites require.

Current Special Offer: Web hosting solutions from $5.95. Remember to use the promotional code savenow to get an additional $25 dollars off.

Hosting Plans & Features

All hosting plans come with a free 1 year domain name ($7.95 value). Both the Unix hosting plan and the Windows hosting plan are available for 3, 6, 12 and 24 month terms. All clients receive a 30 day money back guarantee and a 99.9% uptime guarantee and over $100 in internet marketing credits from Microsoft, Google and Yahoo.

Omnis Network
Hosting PlansUnix PlusWindows Plus
Setup FeeNoneNone
Monthly Fee*$5.95 - $8.95$7.95 - $10.95
Data TransferUnlimitedUnlimited
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Domain HostingUnlimitedUnlimited
MSSQL DBUnlimitedUnlimited
ScriptingPHP 4
Perl 5
.NET 1.0
.NET 2.0
* Chart last checked May 29, 2008. Always confirm pricing, etc. before you sign up. Price based on length of contract.

Customers with Windows hosting also can have Access Databases with up to 50 DSN connections and unlimited DSNless Access Databases. All plans surprisingly, include a shared Secure Socket Layer certificate. This is required for most shopping cart systems and payment gateways in order to process transactions. To administer your website Omnis has built a custom Control Panel which includes access to your files via either FTP or a web based file manager. The Control Panel also includes a streaming media manager. While the Omnis Control Panel is not as robust as the popular cPanel it does do the job and I had no problems with it. From the website statistics end of things you do have access to the raw log files plus Webalizer generated statistics.

Other Related Services Offered

Omnis Network is a ICANN-Accredited Registrar. This means they conform to all policies set out by ICANN. This includes such important details as backing up and securing of domain name and customer information. Most popular domain names (.com, .net, .org, .info, etc..) are available for the low price of only $7.95 per year. Bulk domain registration discounts are also available for as low as $6.95 per year. Domain transfers are easy to complete with Omnis taking care of most of the details. Click here for more information on Omnis Network domain registration.

Cost & Value

Omnis Networks offers a good price for their web hosting. While not as feature complete as other hosting plans from other providers they do offer what most websites require these days.

Reliability & Performance

During our review process we experienced no reliability or performance problems. With Omnis 2 guarantees in place you will have little to worry about if something happens in which you are not happy about. On the hardware side of things, they have multiple DS3 internet connections being controlled by Cisco routers and switches. All web hosting is done on Supermicro Servers and your data is backed up regularly. We gave Omnis an above average score for this section.

Customer Support

We didn't receive bad customer support from Omnis. All Email support queries where answered within 24 hours. While not super fast, it falls in the norm for the more value minded hosting providers. Their knowledge base is very in-depth with 100's of posted frequently asked questions and "How To's" articles.


To conclude, Omnis Network received an average score of 75%. They fell short in a few key areas including Features and Popularity. While the Unix features are up to snuff, the Windows hosting side of things are lacking. Windows hosting is missing PHP and Perl scripting. These are both available for Windows and most other hosting providers support it. The other things missing with Windows Hosting was no Custom Error Pages and almost no popular script installers. These again can be found else where. Omnis scored low on popularity since they don't have the same number of clients as the big hosting providers but, with over 200,000 customers served they have built trust and are much larger than the majority of web hosting providers out there.

For shared Unix web hosting I have no problems recommending Omnis Network. If you are looking for a Windows hosting solution they do offer plans but, double check the website features as you may have to look else where.

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