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IX Web Hosting Review

IX Web Hosting Review
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User Web Host Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating: 1.6 / 5
  Popularity: 1.3 / 5Is this a popular web host used by a large number of people?
  Cost: 3.3 / 5Was the hosting package offered at a good price?
  Features: 3.3 / 5Was the features you needed available to you with your hosting plan?
  Reliability: 1 / 5How reliable was the web hosting service? Did your web site experience any down time?
  Performance: 1 / 5Was your web server fast enough? This rating includes bandwidth and processing power of the web server.
  Customer Support: 1.7 / 5Did Customer Support meet your needs? Were they prompt and did they answer your questions to your satisfaction? Was the other help acceptable? This can include FAQs, knowledge bases and user forums.
  • 1.6 / 5 (by 5 Users) for IX Web Hosting   View Add

Our Ratings

Popularity10 / 10
Cost10 / 10
Features9 / 10
Reliability9 / 10
Performance9 / 10
Customer Support8 / 10


Explanation of our Rating Criteria.

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Bottom Line

  • Award winning IX Web Hosting offers
    excellent pricing with feature rich
    hosting plans and 3 Guarantees!!!

This US based shared web hosting company as of July 2007, have over 90,000 customers hosting over 200,000 websites on their network. IX Web Hosting have been offering their first class service since 1999 and operates their state of the art data center in Hoppkinsville, KY. There is no outsourcing of services here.

A first in their industry, IX Web Hosting offers 3 different guarantees:

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - Subscribers may request a full refund within 30 days of initial sign-up and be refunded all fees paid to-date, including setup fees.
  • Any-Time Money Back Guarantee - Subscriber may request a full refund of the current months fees and to-date pre-paid fees for future months.
  • Uptime Or Cash™ Guarantee - your website will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time during any 12-month period. This guarantee includes network uptime, server uptime, web server and service uptime.
These guarantees apply to all subscribers and are the best in the business. They include very little and IMO appropriate conditions. As example the Uptime Or Cash™ Guarantee doesn't cover Acts of God. Web hosting companies, if they provide a guarantee, usually only have the 30 day money back, and it usually doesn't cover setup fees.

Current Special Offer: Top Rated Web Hosting - $3.95/mo.

Hosting Plans & Features

IX Web Hosting offers web site owners shared web servers either with Linux or Windows OS installed. There are 3 hosting plans available for each operating system. Contracts available for these hosting plans include 3, 6, 12 and 24 months.

Here are the current plans available from IX Web Hosting.

IX Web Hosting
Hosting PlansExpert PlanBusiness PlusUnlimited Pro
OS TypeLinuxLinux
Setup Fee*None or $30None or $30None or $30
Monthly Fee*$3.95 to $7.95$6.95 to $12.95$12.95 to $24.95
Data Transfer3,000GB3,500GB4,000GB
Web Space300GB500GBUnlimited
Free Domain Regs123
Dedicated IP Addresses2816
* Chart last checked July 20, 2007. Always confirm pricing, etc. before you sign up.
* Monthly fees vary based on minimum purchase length and Operating System selected.
* Setup fees are only on 3 and 6 month contracts

Exclusively for the Windows plans you have ASP and Cold Fusion scripting languages and MS SQL Server available. On the Linux side you have override .htaccess support. For both Linux and Windows you have PHP, Perl, CGI, Server Side Includes scripting and MySQL databases. The Ecommerce features are only available on the Business and Unlimited Pro plans (SSL, OS Commerce, etc). As with other web hosting companies you get all the standard email features including, pop3, IMAP Webmail, etc. Plus, you have access to complimentary scripts that offer, forums, mail, chat and guestbooks. FTP Access, website statistics and a modified version of H-Sphere Control Panel rounds out the required tools needed to manage a a successful hosted website.

Other Related Services Offered

IX Web Hosting also offers extra services that may be needed by a busy web master. These services include:

  • Web Designing (different packages are available)
  • Website Maintenance Service, have IX Web Hosting update your website for $80 per hour.
  • Extra website features, including custom forms, flash intros, search engine submission and many more!
  • Merchant Accounts and Gateway

Cost & Value

If you signup for one of the longer contracts, wether you choose Windows or Linux, the per month cost is one of the best in the industry. With the 3 available guarantees that IX Web Hosting offers they received a solid 10 in this rating. The only downside to IX Web Hosting feature set for most website owners would be no databases being available for the Expert Plan. Of course many sites do not need a database or use XML to store data. So, this may not be an issue to you.

Reliability & Performance

To create their secure, highly tuned and state of the art 12,000 sqft data center IX Web Hosting, uses brand name equipment and servers, have a multi-layer security infrastructure, redundant power generators and multiple tier 1 internet backbone providers. IX Web Hosting is certified daily by Hacker Safe, a trusted security tester used by most major companies. If IX Web Hosting doesn't meet all of the strict conditions, the Hacker Safe sign will disappear from their website. To create a reliable internet connectivity IX Web Hosting receives internet access from the 4 following internet providers: BellSouth, Qwest, Verizon and AT&T.; With this quality of a data center IX Web Hosting is able to back up their claims with a Uptime Or Cash™ Guarantee, the only one available of our reviewed web hosting providers.

Customer Support

IX Web Hosting takes customer support seriously. All hosting plans come with 24/7 support through toll-free phone calls, live chat and via email with their ticket center. Of IX Web Hosting over 100 employees, 80% of them are in customer-facing activities. They do not out source customer support, it is taken care of in house with skilled and knowledgeable people.


To conclude, if you are looking for a shared hosting solution (which is perfect for over 95% of websites) IX Web Hosting should be a serious contender. IX Web Hosting is one of the biggest providers in the business. The only way they got to this successful point was listening to their customers and offering the solutions they needed.

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