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Host Gator Review

HostGator Review
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Overall Rating: 3.5 / 5
  Popularity: 5 / 5Is this a popular web host used by a large number of people?
  Cost: 4 / 5Was the hosting package offered at a good price?
  Features: 4 / 5Was the features you needed available to you with your hosting plan?
  Reliability: 3 / 5How reliable was the web hosting service? Did your web site experience any down time?
  Performance: 3 / 5Was your web server fast enough? This rating includes bandwidth and processing power of the web server.
  Customer Support: 2 / 5Did Customer Support meet your needs? Were they prompt and did they answer your questions to your satisfaction? Was the other help acceptable? This can include FAQs, knowledge bases and user forums.
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Our Ratings

Popularity10 / 10
Cost7 / 10
Features9 / 10
Reliability8 / 10
Performance8 / 10
Customer Support10 / 10


Explanation of our Rating Criteria.

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Bottom Line

  • Insane Customer Dedication.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Over 1,000,000 Websites Hosted.

Started in 2004, Host Gator is one of the newer web hosting providers we have reviewed, This company stood out because of the sheer volume of web sites they host. Host Gator provides service to over 1,000,000 websites and over 1,800,000 domains. With their new, larger location in Houston Texas, Host Gator has expanded their data centers to keep on top of their explosive growth. One of the main features Host Gator wants people to know about their service is the "Insane Customer Dedication". They even offer an easy test by telling you to call Host Gator's Customer Support line to see how fast you are able to talk to a live customer support person.

Current Special Offer: Shared hosting plans as low as $4.95.

Hosting Plans & Features

Host Gator offers shared and dedicated server hosting. on Linux Servers. All plans have a 30 day money back guarantee and a 99.9% uptime guarantee (except for Hatchling which is a 99.5% guarantee).

Here is a table of Host Gators hosting plans main feature set.

Host Gator
Hosting TypesSharedDedicated
OSLinuxLinux & Windows
Setup FeeNoneNone
Monthly Fee*$4.95** to $14.95$174.00 to $374.00
Data TransferUnlimited1,500GB to 2,500GB
Disk SpaceUnlimited80GB to 500GB
Domains Allowed1 to UnlimitedUnlimited
* Chart last checked October 24, 2008. Always confirm pricing, etc. before you sign up.
** $4.95 price (Hatchling Plan) is based on a year contract.

All plans support unlimited number of MySQL databases. A large number of scripting languages are supported including CGI, PHP 5, Ruby On Rails (ROR), SSH, Perl, Python, SSI, Cron, Frontpage, Curl, GD and Image Magick. There is also an unlimited plan, which is unlimited bandwidth hosting that we are providing for you. You also receive standard email features including Web Mail, Forwarding, Catch Alls, Auto Responders and SPAM Assassin. cPanel 10 is used as the Control Panel which supports among other things Fantastico which automates the installation of the many web applications available for you (forum, guestbooks, gallery, etc..). All plans also use AWStats with real time updates as there statistics programs. You get access to the raw log files as well.

The last notable thing that all plans offer is some excellent E-Commerce features. This includes shared or Private SSL (depending on plan) to keep your shopping cart secure and encrypted. Free Shopping Carts include to use are Agora Cart, osCommerce, ZenCart and Cube Cart.

There are 3 shared hosting plans. They include Hatchling, Baby and Swamp. For the most part the only differences in the plans deal with the information shown in the table above and the Hatchling plan does not have Private SSL. The Swamp hosting plan is the only one that contains Chilisoft ASP scripting support.

There are also 4 different dedicated server plans. They are called Basic, Standard, Elite and Pro. Depending on the hosting plan chosen you would receive a server with a Pentium 4 2.4Ghz processor with 1 GB of memory and all the way up to a Quad-Core 3210 Xeon with 4 GB. All dedicated hosting plans have no contracts so you can cancel your account at any time. 5 IP addresses are also included per server. With the dedicated server plans you also have the option to go with a Windows server at the same prices. With this you also get the advantages of the scripting language, ASP.

Other Related Services Offered

Host Gator also offers Reseller Hosting Starting at $24.95 for both individuals and businesses which includes both an 99.9% uptime guarantee and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Cost & Value

Shared hosting is similar in pricing when compared to other web hosting providers but a good thing Host Gator lets you do is rent your shared server monthly for a few dollars (when compared to a year contract) which lets you then try out the service for a low price before you commit to a year contract with a lower price.

Host Gator's dedicated servers are more money that other providers with similar feature set. What Host Gator has and what the others may not is fast and excellent customer service along with a good network and hardware, so if you are new to web hosting scene it may be worth it. I only used a shared hosting plan when I reviewed this service so I can't directly comment on the specifics of a dedicated server plan but all of the sites I visited which had dedicated servers on Host Gator had excellent performance.

Reliability & Performance

Most of the large web hosting providers have excellent reliability and performance and even though Host Gator is younger than most other providers reviewed on this site (founded in 2002) they are no exception. With an uptime money back guarantee, if Host Gator ever falls below 99.9% uptime in a month, you can hold them accountable. Host Gator would not be currently hosting over 1,000,000 domains if they did have uptime problems.

Host Gator has all the normal redundancies in place including UPS's, backup generators and 24/7 live on site monitoring. Their list of equipment is very impressive and can be seen on Host Gators company page off of their home page .

Customer Support

One of the main things Host Gator is known for is a fast and knowledgeable customer service team. Their customer support department has over forty in house support veterans that are ready to assist you 24/7/365 by chat, phone, and a ticket system. I had no issues when I reviewed Host Gator's service but I did try out all 3 support options and I received a quick and detailed responses from all support options.


Web Hosting is a very competitive business and Host Gator comes out near the top. Their shared hosting plan is an excellent choice especially for their VPS hosting reseller which is very suitable for individuals or businesses just starting out with a web site and looking for good customer. Many people said that they have best vps web hosting ever.

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