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Host Papa Review

Host Papa Review
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Overall Rating: 3.8 / 5
  Popularity: 3.3 / 5Is this a popular web host used by a large number of people?
  Cost: 4.5 / 5Was the hosting package offered at a good price?
  Features: 4 / 5Was the features you needed available to you with your hosting plan?
  Reliability: 3.9 / 5How reliable was the web hosting service? Did your web site experience any down time?
  Performance: 3.5 / 5Was your web server fast enough? This rating includes bandwidth and processing power of the web server.
  Customer Support: 3.5 / 5Did Customer Support meet your needs? Were they prompt and did they answer your questions to your satisfaction? Was the other help acceptable? This can include FAQs, knowledge bases and user forums.
  • 3.8 / 5 (by 9 Users) for Host Papa   View Add

Our Ratings

Popularity7 / 10
Cost10 / 10
Features8 / 10
Reliability9 / 10
Performance9 / 10
Customer Support8 / 10


Explanation of our Rating Criteria.

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Linux Web Hosting
Shared Hosting
Canadian Web Hosting
UK Web Hosting
United States Web Hosting

Bottom Line

  • A Canadian, UK & US Web Host Provider.
  • 30-Day Money-Back & Uptime Guarantee.
  • Virtually Unlimited Web Hosting!!!
  • 100% powered by Certified Green
    Renewable Energy Sources.

Host Papa is a Canadian, United States and United Kingdom web hosting provider that has taken the unique approach of going green! They are our first hosting review of a provider who is 100% powered by Certified Green Renewable Energy Sources. Host Papa accomplishes this by buying energy certificates from green energy producers like wind turbines and solar power. These certificates ensure that 100% equivalent green energy gets put back into the power grid.

The review of Host Papa for all 3 countries has been wrapped up into one review since the service is virtually identical. The one main difference is, the location of the servers are located in their specific country. The benefit of this for us the consumer is, we get to choose what country we want our web sites hosted in. If you are from the UK and your target market is the UK, then host in the UK. If your target market is the USA, then choose The reason for this is (here is a free SEO tip), search engines like Google take into account where the website IP address is located. In most cases IP addresses from a particular country, rank higher in Google for that country, than other IP addresses from other countries.

One of the best thing about Host Papa for Canadians is, they now have the option of going with a Canadian hosting provider which offers the same excellent services, features and low prices of there major American competitors. Plus, they pay in Canadian funds. This means Canadians do not have to worry about exchange rates and the fees associated with purchases made in US funds.

Current Special Offer: Shared web hosting starting at: $3.95 per month for Canada, $3.95 for the United States and £1.95 for the United Kingdom.

Hosting Plans & Features

Host Papa offers Shared Hosting in a Linux/Unix environment. There is only one Host Papa Plan but, you can choose from 1, 2, or 3 year terms. All plans come with 1 free domain name for life and the ability to host unlimited domains and unlimited subdomains on one account. There are 2 guarantees, a 30 day money back guarantee and a Maximum Uptime guarantee. The uptime guarantee includes both servers and the network at 99.9%.

Here is a table of Host Papa's main feature set.

Host Papa CA  and  Host Papa US
OS TypeLinux
Setup FeeNone
Monthly Fee*$3.95 CDN
$3.95 USD
£1.95 UK
Data TransferUnlimited
Web SpaceUnlimited
Control PanelcPanel
Frontpage Extensions
Free Domain Regs1
Domain HostingUnlimited
* Chart last checked May 04, 2011. All prices in either Canadian or US Funds or Pounds. Always confirm pricing, etc. before you sign up.

Custom Cron Jobs are supported along with the ability to use SSL Encryption. If needed you can password protect directories or use .htaccess. Web statistics can be gathered with access to the raw log files or through Webalizer. Many different types of scripts can be automatically installed via Fantastico. These 40+ scripts include web applications like forums, galleries, blogs and many more. E-commerce is also not left out. Host Papa accounts are Papal Merchant compatible and also support multiple shopping cart scripts like ZenCart and CubeCart.

Other Related Services Offered

Besides shared web hosting, Host Papa also performs domain name registration as well as web site design. You may also purchase additional features with web hosting, like a dedicated IP Address.

Cost & Value

This hosting provider offers a good value for the cost and is comparable to other hosting companies. While being strong in reliability and support the feature set for Host Papa's hosting plan is only average. There are other hosting companies which offers customers more options in regards to scripting languages. Host Papa only offers the most popular ones but, this is still perfect for 80% of the hosted sites out there.

Reliability & Performance hosting servers are located in Toronto's premier data center. This data center is equipped with UPS and diesel backup power, climate control systems, fire suppression systems and multiple bandwidth providers. This Cisco network is also behind a triple redundant firewall. The site is monitored 24/7 by both software and live techs and security guards. Hosting plans also come with automated backup and the backup data facilities are located off site in a number of other data centers in Canada and the United States. With these precautions in place, your web site and data will always be safe and secure with Host Papa.

All of the equipment used for hosting is brand named and the infrastructure is built with multi-homed OC48 and Gigabit fiber connections. This keeps downtime to a minimal.

Customer Support

Host Papa realizes customer support is very important too its clients. All customers have 24/7 toll free phone support and email support. Live chat is also available along with and in-depth knowledge base and video tutorials. Earlier this year launched support forums. Here you are able to not only bounce ideas off or ask question of the support team but also of other Host Papa customers.


It's all about customer satisfaction with Host Papa. From reliable servers to prompt customer support Host Papa understands what makes a good web host provider. Plus in today's rising climate crisis, Host Papa is looking towards the future by being certified with having 100% green energy sources. My only major complaint would be not having a month by month pay as you go hosting plan term, the minimum contract length is 1 year. Of course Host Papa does have a 30 day money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied, you will get your money back minus any domain fees. To conclude, being backed by two guarantees and being able to pay in either Canadian Dollars, makes Host Papa your best choice for shared hosting in Canada.

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