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1&1 Internet Review

1&1 Internet Review
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Overall Rating: 3.2 / 5
  Popularity: 5 / 5Is this a popular web host used by a large number of people?
  Cost: 3 / 5Was the hosting package offered at a good price?
  Features: 4 / 5Was the features you needed available to you with your hosting plan?
  Reliability: 2 / 5How reliable was the web hosting service? Did your web site experience any down time?
  Performance: 4 / 5Was your web server fast enough? This rating includes bandwidth and processing power of the web server.
  Customer Support: 1 / 5Did Customer Support meet your needs? Were they prompt and did they answer your questions to your satisfaction? Was the other help acceptable? This can include FAQs, knowledge bases and user forums.
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Our Ratings

Popularity10 / 10
Cost9 / 10
Features9 / 10
Reliability10 / 10
Performance8 / 10
Customer Support9 / 10


Explanation of our Rating Criteria.

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Bottom Line

  • Offer service in several countries.
  • All types of hosting available.
  • Incrediable Ad Coupons $$$.
  • Unlimited Domains for
    Basic and Business Hosting Plans.

1&1 Internet is one of the world's largest and fastest growing web hosts. They currently have over 2.6 million active websites hosted and 10 million domain names registered giving them a total of 7.07 million customers globally. They have dedicated websites for the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Austria. In the US 1&1 is in the top 5 of web hosting providers in terms of number of customers.

Current Special Offer: 3 months FREE web hosting special. Get hosting starting at less than $4 month (+ get free domains). Click here for details.

Hosting Plans & Features

For the most part Linux and Microsoft Windows shared hosting is pretty much the same (even the price). The differences comes into play when you consider what scripting options are available as well as types of databases.

1&1 Linux Shared Hosting
Hosting PlansBeginnerHomeBusinessDeveloper
OSLinux (Fedora Core 6)
Monthly Fee*$3.99$4.99$9.99$19.99
Billing Cycle*6633
Data Transfer300GB1,200GB2,500GB3,000GB
Disk Space10GB120GB250GB300GB
Domains Inc.1235
Domain Hosting2050100200
MSSQL DB102550100
FTP Accounts1102550
Chron JobsNoNoYesYes
ScriptsServer Side Includes (SSI)
PHP 4 & 5
* Chart last checked March 5, 2008. Always confirm pricing, etc. before
you sign up. Billing Cycle refers to the number of months.

1&1 Microsoft Shared Hosting
Hosting PlansBeginnerHomeBusinessDeveloper
OSWindows Server 2003
Monthly Fee*$3.99$4.99$9.99$19.99
Billing Cycle6633
Data Transfer300GB1,200GB2,500GB3,000GB
Disk Space10GB120GB250GB300GB
Domains Inc.1235
Domain Hosting2050100200
Access DBYesYesYesYes
FTP Accounts1102550
ScriptsServer Side Includes (SSI)
Active Server Pages (ASP) 2.0
.NET Framework
* Chart last checked March 5, 2008. Always confirm pricing, etc. before
you sign up. Billing Cycle refers to the number of months.

With all of the above plans there are no setup fees. Depending on the hosting plan you get from 600 to 4,000 email accounts with up to 2GB of mailbox space. Both IMAP and POP3 is supported, plus you have the use of 1&1 WebMail and SPAM filters.

One interesting point is with the number of allowed domains that can be hosted. If your domains are registered through 1&1 you can host unlimited domains. This is a great incentive and a great deal for the customer since 1&1 domains is one of the cheaper options available on the internet today.

1&1 VPS Hosting
OSLinux or Windows
Monthly Fee*$29$39$59
Billing Cycle111
Data Transfer500GB1,000GB2,000GB
Disk Space10GB20GB50GB
Email Accounts5001,0002,000
Guaranteed RAM128MB256MB512MB
SSL CertificateOpptional11
* Chart last checked March 5, 2008. Always confirm pricing, etc. before
you sign up. Billing Cycle refers to the number of months.
1&1 also has virtual private servers with either Linux or Windows OS installed. With VPS you get the flexibility of a dedicated server but at a third of the price. Each VPS server also has a 100 MBit Connection, a dedicated IP, data backup and unlimited MySQL databases. You will also be using Plesk 8.1 and Virtuozzo Power Panel for administration of your virtual server. Plus, with Windows you also have Remote Desktop Connections. With the Linux plans you get the Fedora Core 6 OS and with the Windows VPS plans you get Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition 64 Bit. Click here for more information on 1&1 VPS Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting is also available from 1&1. There is a number of options here in both Linux and Windows. The lower priced dedicated server plans have a single core AMD Athlon 64 CPU with 1 GB of RAM and 2x160 GB hard drives. The top enterprise plan server comes with a 2x Dual Core AMD Opteron CPU, 8 GB of RAM and 2, 500 GB hard drives. Prices for these plans range from $99 per month up to $419 per month for the Enterprise II plan. With so much information involved here, it's best to visit 1&1 to get more information on there dedicated hosting plans .

1&1 eShops
Hosting PlansBusinessProfessionalDeveloper
Monthly Fee*$9.99$29.99$49.99
Billing Cycle663
Data Transfer10GB30GB60GB
Disk Space50MB300MB1,200MB
Domain Hosting550200
# of Products50200Unlimited
Product CategoriesNo20Unlimited
FTP AccountsNoNoYes
* Chart last checked March 5, 2008. Always confirm pricing, etc. before
you sign up. Billing Cycle refers to the number of months.
Do you need a website with a shopping cart? Look no further, 1&1 has a solution for you. 1&1 eShops allows you to easily create your own website store. There site building tools gives you numerous scripts and over 30 design templates to choose from. Administration is simple but powerful and there are setup wizards to help you through most features. The shopping cart itself is very flexible. Multiple payment methods are accepted including debit cards, credit cards PayPal and offline payment. You can have multiple shipping methods and currencies. eShop packages are best suited for US and Canadian customers. Click here to find out more information.

Other Related Services Offered

1&1 offers several other related web hosting services. This includes POP3/IMAP email services which has SPAM filtering and Symantec Norton Antivirus scanning for all accounts. You can also access your mail through your internet browser with WebMail or use a program like Outlook. If you want to step up your email experience there is also a Microsoft Exchange mail solution which offers the benefits of seamless communication and collaboration.

Project and team administration is made simple with 1&1 Microsoft SharePoint hosting. Manage your projects, tasks, and meetings with central access to your files, appointments and contacts. You get a domain, e-mail mailboxes, and web space, everything you need to quickly get started. This is an ideal small business intranet solution which is affordable and secure.

Some of the lowest prices for domain names can be found at 1&1 Internet. Find .com, .net, .us and many other domain extensions for the low price of $6.99 per year. Best yet, all domain name purchases comes with Private Domain Registration free of charge. If you already have a domain, transferring it to 1&1 does not cost you anything.

Cost & Value

Compared against other web hosting providers, 1&1 offers excellent prices and good value. If you are not happy with their service after you sign up, 1&1 offers a full money back guarantee for all web hosting packages if you cancel your account within 90 days. This guarantee doesn't include software shipping and handling fees and extra bandwidth costs. Most hosting provider guarantees are only 30 days making 1&1 guarantee, 3 times longer. With such a long guarantee, they are obviously quit sure of the quality of the service they offer.

1&1 also has one of the best giveaways for Pay Per Click (PPC) ad vouchers. Vouchers are available from Microsoft adCenter, Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Citysearch. Depending on the hosting plan chosen, these ad coupons total value ranges from $125 to $475. The largest I have seen from any web host by a long margin.

Another value added feature of 1&1 hosting plans is the good software packages offered for free (except for shipping at $6.99). If you have the software already you can opt out of this. The software packages include Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0, Adobe GoLive CS2, Ulead GIF Animator 5, WISE FTP 5.0 plus other titles. This software may be a version behind but are still very powerful and excellent for people just starting to learn. These tools are all needed to help create and maintain any website.

Reliability & Performance

This is a very reliable hosting company. They have over a 99.99% uptime and this is in part due to multiple fail safes built into their network. There are battery and diesel backup generators, dual routers and RAID hard drive systems. This gives 1&1 real redundancy for their over 47,000 servers. 1&1's hardware comes from a variety of quality manufactures including Cisco, HP and Juniper. In case there ever is an issue with a server, daily backups are also done to ensure nothing is loss. On the security side of things there is 24/7 live monitoring and over 150 video cameras to ensure the safety and security of your data.

Customer Support

Customer service is knowledgeable and prompt. Phone and email support is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An in depth online searchable FAQ is also available for those quick questions.


1&1 Internet by far offers the most services of any hosting company we have reviewed so far. There is shared, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions (Linux or Windows) with multiple price points and features. You also have eShops, 1&1's ecommerce solution. They even go further and offer email hosting and Microsoft Sharepoint hosting for businesses which need to manage content and to keep it centralized. With most of these plans (over 25 in all) you get one of the longest money back guarantees in the business, 90 days. Plus depending on the hosting plan, the savings you will receive in PPC ad vouchers makes it almost worth while just to sign up for the hosting just to receive these coupons. It is also nice to see the same pricing for Linux and Windows with all shared and virtual private server hosting plans.

This review turned out much longer than planned but it was hard to sum up this provider without including all of the above information. I definitely recommend 1&1 internet for shared hosting. Their prices are excellent but, more importantly the service and reliability offered is top notch. We couldn't personally check out all services offered by 1&1 (dedicated hosting, Sharepoint and email) but based on our experiences with the shared hosting and reports on the internet I am sure they offer the same level of experiences for these other service. Therefore, the bottom line with 1&1 is, it is an excellent company to entrust your hosting solution with.

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