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Welcome to Web Hosting Sites ReviewsTuesday, October 22 2013 @ 11:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Google Launching Apache Acceleration Tool

On Thursday, Google announced that it will be launching an acceleration tool for the Apache Web server that will feature capabilities to deploy multiple optimizations to acceleration Web page load times.

Richard Rabbat, the head of Google's "Make the Web Faster" initiative, noted that the module, named "mod_pagespeed", will allow developers to control the settings to speed up (or, one would suppose, slow down), the loading of their Web pages. By using over 15 of Google's available optimizations, the module will allow developers to speed up optimizations up to 50 percent.

"But we thought we could make it even easier -- ideally these optimizations should happen with minimal developer and webmaster effort," said Rabbat. "So today, we're introducing a module for the Apache HTTP Server called mod_pagespeed to perform many speed optimizations automatically."

Google has shown its dedication to faster web speeds. Its recent release of Google Instant was also a part of this initiative. Rabbat reflected this commitment in his comment that the company hopes "to work with the hosting, developer and webmaster community to improve mod_pagespeed and make the Web faster."

Google is attempting to give the mod_pagespeed a thick ubiquity among users: it has plans to pair up with Go Daddy and Contendo, as well as create an open source version for Linus users.

Its partnership with Go Daddy will allow customers with hosting accounts access to the mod_pagespeed optimization. Furthermore, it will also be integrating mod_pagespeed into Contendo's content delivery network service.

To download the mod-pagespeed module, visit the Google page here. You might also want to check out the video Google posted that demonstrates the mod_pagespeed module capabilities here, or the announcement page on Google's Webmaster Central blog.

This tools will help hosting company to make the site faster especially on vps web hosting, it will increase the page load. Many companies not aware of this tools that google launch. This definitely useful if you are hoster.
According to our testing, this tools will increase 23% faster and the best part is FREE. Take advantage before Google make this as one of the paid tools

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