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Welcome to Web Hosting Sites ReviewsThursday, October 24 2013 @ 06:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Colocation America Announces IPv6 Addresses

You may remember a recent article here that covered the Obama administration’s call to Internet and telecom companies to start switching to IPv6 addresses immediately. Our current system runs on IPv4 addresses – which are expected to run out completely before the end of this year, which could have catastrophic effects on the internet community and internet commerce if left unattended.

Web Hosting News explains the difference between the two systems: “IPv6 was developed to meet the demands of the Internet’s rapid expansion, with its predecessor being IPv4. The most notable change between IPv4 and IPv6 is the actual address,? they said. “An IPv4 address was composed of 32 bits [4 bytes], which was portioned between network and host. The new IPv6 address is now 128 bits long [16 bytes], with the host portion being derived from a MAC address.?

Colocation America has stepped up to the challenge of providing new IPv6 addresses before the new year with its recent announcement of their initiative to provide IPv6 addresses.

“By embracing IPv6 technology, we are doing a great service not only for ourselves but also for our fantastic customers,? said Micheal Trunkett, President of Colocation America. “Our clients will be able to experience this new protocol which brings a higher performance rate and less latency. With many years of experience in operating and developing new technology, we are fully IPv6 ready.?

When covered the story, they noted that the IPv6 addresses will have a greater capacity than that of the IPv4: “While the current IPv4 technology can support 4.3 billion devices connected to the Internet, IPv6 can support an unlimited number of devices — 2 to the 128th power, experts say.?

Trunkett also notes that while the move to IPv6 is a necessary change, it also comes with certain benefits. As well as its larger address space, the IPv6 system allows for simpler routing, higher security, and, as it was created with more fluidity in mind, it will be compatible with more applications – including mobile applications. IPv6 is an interesting upgrade because it not only confronts our need for greater address space, but also accommodates the new ways we have grown to use the web and will be more adaptive to growing ecommerce economies. As the web is still a relatively new and flexible space, the IPv6 addresses will be more responsive to our growing needs.

To learn more about the switch to IPv6 addresses, see our previous article detailing the politics surrounding the matter. Or, to see how Colocation America is taking a pro-active stance by switching early, visit their site at

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