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Welcome to Web Hosting Sites ReviewsTuesday, October 22 2013 @ 02:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Apple Discontinuing Xserve Server

Apple has decided to discontinue its Xserve Server, its line of 1U rackmount servers, in January. In its place, the Mac Pro tower and Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server will provide services for customers familiar and loyal to the Apple-based infrastructure for web services. The line will be permanently discontinued after January 31st, 2011.

Apple has released a "Xserve Transition Guide" that details information on how to upgrade and transition to the Mac Pro and Mac mini.

“Mac Pro systems deliver performance and expandability equal to or surpassing Xserve, and offer an excellent server solution for customers looking for the highest levels of performance, storage, and expandability,? wrote the company, noting that a Mac Pro tower, preloaded with Mac OS X Server, “can be deployed in an office environment on or under a desk, or in a data center environment on a shelf in a rack with two units per 12U.?

Apple is confident about the moves to the Mac Pro and Mac mini. Both systems outdo the Xserve Server as well as provide a series of other features and services. The current Mac Pro features 12-core Intel Xeon "Westmere" processing and a 512G drive -- a system that surpasses performance in comparison to Xserve.

The Mac mini has its own advantages as well: Snow Leopard has the capabilities to serve a small business or workgroup of up to 50 people. "A single Mac mini," the company said, "can run the full suite of Mac OS X Server services, and, depending on the workload and number of users, could replace a single Xserve server."

Go Daddy is offering its own solution to the Xserve gap: it officially introduced its virtual Mac hosting solution, "Cloud Serve powered by Mac OS X." Users familiar with Xserve will find common features in the Go Daddy package that was created specifically for Xserve server and Parallels technology software and provides customers with website hosting, email, collaboration, an iChat server, and calendaring.

For more information, see the Xserve Transition Guide that Apple has released, or visit Web Host Industry Review's write up of Go Daddy's Cloud-based Mac OS X Web Hosting service.

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